Dryer Maintenance

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Home Improvement

Laundry machine maintenance is an underrated and a necessary task for homeowners.  Cleaning the interior of my dryers at my rental properties are an annual necessity.  Cleaning the inside of the dryer to remove lint will improve the machines ability to dry, prolong its lifecycle and decrease fire risk.  There are two ways to clean: vacuum, or blow with airhose/compressor.  There are different dryer models.  This means that interior access varies.  Don't be scared to take on this task.  There are plenty of online resources that help outline access.  Simply type in your model information into a search engine.  Below I added a video that shows access to a commonly found dryer in a home.  If you have any questions or believe that this task is something you can't handle, contact an appliance repairman.  But in the meantime, try it out yourself!