Hollowcore / Flexicore Construction

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The most common building materials used in multi-level properties are wood and steel.  Wood is readily available, inexpensive and easy to use in our country.  I am currently working on my barn project and am using an alternative material.  When people stop by or see pictures of the construction site, they ask, “What are those things with holes?” 

Hollowcore, or also known as flexicore are floor and/or roof slabs.  They are pre-cast, manufactured pieces off-site and cut to size.  Hollowcore are pre-stressed concrete with hollow tubes between thickness of the slab.  Common applications include multi-family housing, multi-story buildings, single-family residences, schools. 

Hollowcore Construction

Advantages of Hollowcore:

With Hollowcore, you need not worry about moisture issues such as rust, rot, mildew or mold. It cannot be harmed by insects, rodents or termites. And, it does not produce harmful toxins.  Quick installation for reduced on-site labor needs and costs.  Capable of spanning long open spaces to aid design flexibility (Less structural interior posts needed).  Continuous interior voids for added structural stability and reduced weight and cost.  Sound-proof, fire-rated, and low-maintenance.  High load-bearing capacities for a wide variety of applications.  Finally, it is an environmentally conscious decision to use precast slabs.


If you have further questions about hollowcore or any other building material questions in regards to your real estate, do not hesitate to contact me.  "Years of hands on real estate experience!"