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In 2020, quartz countertops are trending.  Quartz will continue to gain popularity over granite for a few reasons. 

1) Quartz is not as porous as granite.  Unlike granite, it does not require sealing.  Quartz scores better against stains. 

2) Quartz appearance is more uniform compared to granite.  The uniformed look is desired as a transitioning trend.  Quartz countertops are manufactured unlike granite, naturally cut.  Every piece of granite is unique and has a different look.  Those who want a uniform look will enjoy quartz.  In addition, quartz sampling is superior to granite.  What you see is essentially what you get because of uniformity.  Granite’s uniqueness means that your sample will most likely not be close in uniformity to your installed countertop.  Finally, quartz’s uniformity allows far more color choices.  You can even choose color and designs that mimic marble. 

3) Quartz has an advantage for manufacturers to size and trim.

Disadvantages?  Quartz may not work in outdoor countertops because it is sensitive to long-term sun exposure.  It can withstand heat, but it is not recommended to leave a hot pot or pan on the surface.  Is price one disadvantage over granite?  No.  They are quite similar in pricing.

To conclude, quartz is a comparably strong, less porous, more uniform countertop surface vs granite.  If you need any information on quartz or granite for your kitchen countertop, contact your local supplier.  I recommend A-American Countertops for all of your counter top needs.  They supply and install granite, quartz, corian, and marble countertops.  http://www.aamericancountertops.com/